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2016 Dates
ASFA Aug 20/21
ASFA Oct 1/2
If you are interested in working a trial position, training is available at each trial.
Thank you to all Exhibitors and Helpers
Established 1963.
Marie Adams Memorial Trophy
Presented to Saluke BOB winner on Saturday of August Trials
Midwest Coursing Club's Officers

President Chris Krowzack
Vice President Frank Humpal
Secretary Maria Mulbera
Treasurer/ASFA Delegate Greg Breitbach

Ralph Eyles Memorial Trophy
Presented to August Best In Event Winner
2014 winner - RR Gemma
Proud recipient of the 2015 ASFA Excellent Performance Award
Fiirst entry 2 Events $40
Fiirst entry 2 Events $40
Each Add Entry $17
Each Add Entry $17
First entry, 1 Event $20
First entry, 1 Event $20